About Value Village Texas

Our History, Our Thrift Stores, and Our Commitment to Community

Family-owned and operated, for over 65 years

Our story begins in 1955, when our founder purchased our first store location. He wanted to serve his community by offering affordable, gently used items. A father of 3 young children, he worked day and night to support his family and make the store a success. It worked!   

Today, we have 6 thrift store locations throughout Houston, Texas. Each store offers a huge selection and fair pricing on quality items. Our goals haven’t changed: we’re still family-owned, and we’re still committed to taking care of our communities.   

Because, like you, we love thrifting! 

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Dollars Raised by Nonprofits


Lbs. of Items Saved from Landfills


Years in Business

Unlike some thrift stores, we actually buy our inventory.

We buy the items we sell from many sources, including municipal recycling programs, non-profit organizations and other retailers.

Since we’ve been in business, we’ve helped support non-profits that help veterans, children and families in need. In fact, our purchases have helped them raise more than $50,000,000 in support of their charitable missions.

We’ve also helped save perfectly good items from being wasted. Over the years, we’ve kept more than 100,000,000 pounds of items from going to a landfill. When you shop at Value Village Texas thrift stores, you help create a better way of living. For all of us.

Happy thrifting!

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