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You may have stopped receiving email updates from Value Village Texas because we use Square as our email platform, and you may have previously unsubscribed from Square’s global database.

Many retailers, restaurants, and other businesses use Square for their checkouts, emails, and texts. If you unsubscribe from one of them (say, your corner coffee shop), you actually unsubscribe from all that use Square (we know. it’s totally annoying 🙄). Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

If you would like to opt back into receiving our email updates and coupons, please follow these steps:

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We have 6 locations in the Houston, Texas area.

We offer a huge selection of new and second-hand clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares and more – for everyone in your family. Click here to find store locations near you.

We work hard to price items as fair (and as low!) as possible based on quality, condition, brand, and market value. If you think something’s priced incorrectly, please let us know by sending an email to Tell us the store location and include a picture of the item. Thank you!

It’s true, more than 6o years ago, when our family founded the company (or even 20 years ago), you could find items for a dollar (or sometimes less) at Value Village Texas. Over the decades though, we’ve had to gradually raise prices to cover our costs and keep up with inflation.

Some people think the items we sell are donated to us (meaning, we get them for free). In fact, 99% of our inventory is not. We buy almost everything we sell in our stores – from nonprofits, recycling programs, retailers, and many other sources.

In addition, the cost of shipping and storing those items, operating our stores, and offering our employees competitive wages, means we have to price things fairly, while still paying our bills and staffing our stores.

And now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our costs – as well as those of every other business – have gone up even more. Even so, we’re committed to keeping prices as low as possible, so you get the most value for your money.

How do we price our items? Every single item we sell is sorted, evaluated, and priced by an individual. We carefully train our team members to price items as low as possible, based on quality, condition, brand, and fair market value.

Do we sometimes get it wrong? Sure. We’re only human. If you find an item that seems overpriced, please email us with a picture and the store location, and we’ll look into it. We appreciate your help in improving our pricing and procedures, and we thank you for shopping at Value Village Texas!

Safety is always our #1 priority. Click here for a list of our health and safety measures.

Sign up for our VIP club — it’s free! And it’s the BEST way to guarantee you’ll receive coupons.

Sign up for our VIP club — it’s free!

VIPs receive an email a week before their birthday with a 25% off coupon (valid for one purchase up to three weeks after their birthday). Thanks to our recent VIP club updates, you’re no longer required to spend a minimum of $30 and there’s no maximum discount. Bonus! You earn points and rewards from this purchase!

Oh no! Let’s get this straightened out. Please email us your name, ZIP code, birthday, and the email address you used to join the club (if different from the one you’re emailing us from).

You can send an email to or use our website’s contact form.

So many! And it’s free!

    • The VIP Club is the only way to guarantee you’ll receive coupons.
      (Though we may, on occasion, offer sales to the general public.)
    • 50% Off Birthday Coupons, sent the night before your birthday, valid for 2 weeks.
    • Exclusive VIP Member-Only Coupons and Discounts
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    • “First to Know” VIP announcements about sales and promotions

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If you experience any trouble, please send us an email at or use our contact form.

You can check on your loyalty points and find your coupons anytime! Click this link to view your VIP profile info.

Well, that’s frustrating. Let’s figure this out. A few things could be happening…

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Even if you gave us your phone number at checkout or while signing up online, we aren’t allowed by law to message you, unless you specifically ask us to.

But here’s the good news! Signing up for text messaging is easy! And when you do, we’ll send you an instant $5 Off Coupon!

Text JOIN to 844-819-0615

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Because Value Village Texas is not a non-profit business, we are unable to provide a tax-deductible receipt for donations.

However, if you just want to unload some unwanted items, you can bring them to us, and we’ll happily take them. Just remember, we can’t give you a receipt for your taxes.

Also, many of our locations have bins (from our partners) outside the store, in the parking lot. You can simply drop off your items there, but again, we can’t give you a receipt.

There are also local donation pickup services available through that support great local and national non-profits.

Clearly, you love thrifting like we do! Take a look at our Careers page to learn about working with us, then please visit your local store and ask for a manager.

Our items are organized within departments by color, not size. Keep in mind, that we stock thousands of items in each store daily, so our selection is constantly changing, and we can’t guarantee anything. But we’re always doing our best to make sure there’s lots for you to choose from.

No, we don’t. All sales are final.

For health and safety reasons, we don’t. BUT… we do have mirrors throughout the stores.

Most of our stores have restrooms. In some locations, you may need to ask to use it. If you need help finding it, please talk to one of our store associates.

Excellent idea! We’ve recently upgraded our registers and Gift Card systems. This means we’re temporarily unable to sell gift cards online. However, you can still buy gift cards in our stores.

Click here to check your balance (or bring it into one of our stores and we’ll check for you).

We love hearing from our customers! To ensure we see it, please send us an email at or use our contact form.

Still have questions? Click here to send us an email.